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At WorkExchange, we prioritize the protection of sensitive data internally as well as external threats. As part of our comprehensive data loss prevention strategy, we have implemented robust monitoring measures to safeguard your valuable information. Through advanced technologies and vigilant surveillance, we ensure that potential data breaches or unauthorized data exfiltration attempts are swiftly identified and mitigated.

Our monitoring system actively tracks and analyzes employee activities to detect any signs of data loss. Here are some key aspects of our monitoring approach

Our monitoring system keeps a close eye on document-related activities. It identifies instances where employees upload sensitive documents to personal cloud drives, share documents externally with a confidential watermark, or send emails containing sensitive files to non-corporate email addresses. By monitoring these actions, we can promptly intervene and prevent unauthorized sharing of confidential information.
We employ sophisticated technology to detect employees taking screenshots, using screen capture or snipping tools, or copying CRM data and pasting it in unauthorized applications or external sites. By monitoring these activities, we can prevent the unauthorized extraction of data and maintain the integrity of your sensitive information.
Our monitoring system identifies any non-authorized use of cloud sharing drives as an attempt to exfiltrate data. It detects instances where employees save files on removable media or share files with protected properties, such as tags, attributes, or document categories. This helps us ensure that data remains within authorized channels and is not leaked or misused.
To mitigate the risk of data loss via email, our monitoring system scans for emails with large attachments, an excessive number of attachments, or zipped files. It also alerts us to instances where employees attempt to send sensitive files outside the organization. This proactive approach allows us to address potential data breaches and enforce email security policies effectively.
Our monitoring system monitors printing activities, including irregular printing hours and a high volume of sensitive documents being printed. This helps us identify any suspicious printing patterns and take appropriate action to prevent unauthorized dissemination of confidential information.

By implementing these robust monitoring measures, we demonstrate our commitment to preventing data loss and protecting your confidential information. Our monitoring system operates with the utmost respect for privacy and compliance with relevant regulations. We ensure that monitoring activities are focused solely on identifying and addressing potential security risks while preserving the confidentiality and privacy of legitimate employee activities.

At WorkExchange, we take data loss prevention seriously. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive approach to safeguarding your Agency’s valuable data and how we can help you maintain a secure environment for your sensitive information.

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