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WorkExchange provides comprehensive employee management services that can help free up your sales staff from time-consuming and repetitive tasks. By outsourcing these tasks to us, your sales staff can focus on what they do best – selling.

This not only helps your sales staff stay motivated and productive, but it also leads to more commissions and better margins for your agency.


More sales + higher retention + lower staffing cost = profitable agencies!!

Our Process

You Pick a date/time on our calendar that works for you to discuss your agencies needs

We screen candidates then present the best available for you to choose
We onboard by training about the insurance industry and technology used at your office
Handoff is 2 weeks later. We manage while you tailor their workload to your agency’s needs

Our Services

WorkExchange is a firm dedicated to providing comprehensive insurance services to agencies nationwide. Our expert team has extensive experience providing administrative support, data entry and policy document building, compliance assistance, quality assurance, billing functions, etc.

Where to Start

Looking for the ultimate way to get administrative help without breaking the bank? WorkExchange is your ticket! The process doesn’t take long – you’ll have a dedicated team of professionals picked out and ready to go in no time. With their easy-to-use platform, quickly connect with potential virtual assistant candidates and then decide who best fits your needs before they start work on day one. Get WorkExchange today and see how far your budget can really stretch!

Support for Your Insurance Agency

WorkExchange is your solution to growing your insurance agency without the hassle.

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