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WorkExchange provides comprehensive employee management services that can help free up your sales staff from time-consuming and repetitive tasks. By outsourcing these tasks to our rockstar Virtual Account Managers, your sales staff can focus on what they do best – selling.

This not only helps your sales staff stay motivated and productive, but it also leads to more commissions and better margins for your agency.

More sales + higher retention + lower staffing cost = profitable agencies!!

Insurance Virtual Assistant

Our insurance virtual assistants are trained to handle a variety of administrative tasks, allowing your team to concentrate on closing deals and maintaining customer relationships. From managing email correspondence to organizing client files, our virtual assistants are here to support you.

Insurance Back Office Help

Outsource your back-office tasks to us and watch your efficiency soar. Our back-office services include data entry, policy management, claims processing, and more. By letting us handle these tasks, you free up valuable time for your in-house team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Virtual Account Manager

Our Virtual Account Managers are skilled professionals who can manage client accounts, renewals, and customer service inquiries. They work seamlessly with your team to ensure that all client needs are met promptly and efficiently, enhancing client satisfaction and retention.

Insurance Agency Assistant

Our insurance agency assistants provide specialized support tailored to the unique needs of insurance brokers. From scheduling appointments to preparing policy quotes, our assistants help streamline your operations and improve overall productivity.

Founder, Anthony Trunnell’s understanding of running a successful P&C agency drove him to establish WorkExchange. Working with Virtual Assistants for years gave him different ideas about maximizing value when matching US clients with international talent. Current demographics changes of the baby boomers retiring and Gen Z maturing is creating the US’s current hiring problem; there won’t be enough talent to fill the open job market for years. High-end international workers can fill this gap and make your current staff 2-3x more productivity by doing less of the busy work and only focusing on value added projects. Stateside employees now become more valuable and salaries increase due to high production

Our Process

Step #1

You Pick A Date/Time On Our Calendar That Works For You To Discuss Your Agencies Needs

Step #2

We Screen Candidates Then Present The Best Available For You To Choose

Step #3

We Onboard By Training About The Insurance Industry And Technology Used At Your Office

Step #4

Handoff Is 2 Weeks Later. We Manage While You Tailor Their Workload To Your Agency’s Needs

Step #5

Performance/Training metrics are built into your Virtual Account Manager’s contract 

About Our Company

Professional And Dedicated Insurance Services

At WorkExchange, we bring together excellence and expertise in the realm of insurance services. Whether you’re an insurance agency seeking top-notch solutions or an individual looking for exceptional coverage, WorkExchange has you covered! Let us help you navigate the world of insurance with ease and confidence.

With our depth of experience, extensive network, and commitment to integrity, we strive to be the preferred partner in enabling client agencies to optimize efficiencies while allowing individuals within the organization reach their full potential.

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Empowering our clients business through tailored staffing solutions, WorkExchange’s goal is to connect insurance agencies with exceptional talent.

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We're driven by performance

WorkExchange is a Virtual Assistant company dedicated to providing comprehensive staffing services to agencies nationwide. Our expert team has extensive experience in tasks such as remarketing, change requests, new business, etc.

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