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How Help Insurance Agents

Are you an insurance agent or broker that is tired of the never ending process of re-quoting your clients auto/home insurance? Work Exchange can help, try our no risk 2 week free trial.

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WorkExchange is a Virtual Assistant company dedicated to providing comprehensive staffing services to agencies nationwide. Our expert team has extensive experience in tasks such as remarketing, change requests, new business, etc.

Founder, Anthony Trunnell’s understanding of running a successful P&C agency drove him to establish WorkExchange. Working with Virtual Assistants for years gave him different ideas about maximizing value when matching US clients with international talent. Current demographics changes of the baby boomers retiring and Gen Z maturing is creating the US’s current hiring problem; there won’t be enough talent to fill the open job market for years. High-end international workers can fill this gap and make your current staff 2-3x more productivity by doing less of the busy work and only focusing on value added projects. Stateside employees now become more valuable and salaries increase due to high production

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